What is the 100/100

The 100/100 is a fundraiser that we have started to raise our funding for the FIRST Robotics competition, where we are asking at least 100 companies or people to donate at least $100 to our team. If you donate to our team you will be mentioned on our website and put on our sponsor poster. We will be displaying the sponsor poster at our competitions. If you would like to donate to our team please go to our "Contact Us" page and email us at the given email address. Every sponsor or donor is greatly appreciated

People Who Recently Donated

 - Tyger Shark 

 - Petgorcer

 - Rory

 - Brad C Abernethy

 - M. Buratynsky 

 - Clouse Family

 - Trillium Ford Lincoln

 - Edward Buratynsky

 - Exa Corp