Who Are We?


We are a team of 15-plus students ranging in age from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Every student gets the opportunity take on programming and/or building tasks, regardless of their experience. We are all learning here! Along the way, Ms. Kell, Mr. Haas and Mr. Fuller have lent their time and expertise. As well as some parent volunteers. We are inclusive, positive, creative, and so much more. Due to our novelty, we are very open to fresh ideas, and our only rule is no 'no.' Everything is possible in this team!

Details About Our Journey:


It has been an exciting and busy time since our first meeting in 2017. During our time at the Georgian College competition we were able to win the autonomous award for being able to program line detection, self driving, and other independent actions. This also allowed us to win the autonomous

award at the York university event as well.


The Banting Robotics team is full of innovative and resourceful people. The team, though just blooming, has really taken off thanks to everyone participating. Starting as a seasonal team, we are now considering extending to year-round! This means more time for students to hone their skills and complete new projects. Banting Robotics is both the present and the future!